Auction Finance 

 Buying a property or an asset below the average market value is always everyone's dream. Because who would want to pay more if they can buy something for less. Therefore, we have provided a facility for all our customers to finance their purchases through us by using our " Auction Finance service." However, auction financing can be risky and tricky all at once. But for those who know what to buy and at what cost, it is bliss. It even helps the main property buying businesses because they can avail our money for their business but return it afterward.

Buy a new home below the average market rate with auction finance.

When you think about buying a house, you’ve always wanted it to be very affordable so you can use the rest of the money you have to renovate it according to your taste. That’s where we come in. We provide auction finance UK at very minimal fees to get you your dream house. There is no restriction on the kind of house you can buy or which property is valid or invalid. Everything that is being sold in the auction is for you. And you can make us finance your purchase by just signing up to Nicholas john direct for a loan, and it will be done.


Make your budget ready before you can go into an auction

Auction finance works as if you have a property in your mind that is listed in an auction. If you want to buy that property but don't have enough money in hand for now. And you can see that in the future you will have enough to buy the same property at the current price. So, why miss a golden chance? Just contact Nicholas john direct and read all the terms and conditions on what property you can buy with our auction bridging finance. If your choice falls into our category of properties, then collect the money in hand in advance and step into the auction right away.


Is auction finance the right option for you?

In the auction finance system, if you don’t have enough working capital or have it fixed in a deposit, for example, in the form of equity, you can avail of this opportunity and take our service to finance your purchase. Also, if you don't have your working capital invested in the form of equity but have it deposited in the bank to save some for later but want to buy something that can possibly become valuable in the future, you can still get the loan easily.

Whereas the people or the property developers that have a good track record with their shining success rate in their projects are more likely to get financed easily. But if you don't have a track record, you can still get financed, but in that situation, you may need to add something valuable as a security for that amount. After all, the company’s policies are in the best interest of both the company and our customers.


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We have all the information displayed on our website for transparency assurance. You can also read all our terms and conditions for auction finance; contact us if you have any concerns or to clear the doubts you still may have.